We are dedicated to ensuring that every present and future Portlander can find and keep a safe, stable home they can afford.


We believe that every neighborhood in our city should be open and available to people with diverse backgrounds and incomes, and that every person who wants to sleep indoors at night should be able to. We support policies that can deliver an abundant supply of homes that are affordable to rent or buy at every income level and every household size, and ensure that all tenants can live without fear of eviction or displacement. We advocate for those land use, housing, and transportation policies that will make Portland a fairer and more sustainable city.

Cover photo courtesy of KaCey97078 via Creative Commons



Portland: Neighbors Welcome advocates for pro-housing and pro-tenant reforms at the local & state level. We just launched, and we’re building out our web presence as quickly as possible. Check back soon to find out more about the city we’re working to build together.